Solar - Sensor Wall Light

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Automatic Lighting: Auto on in darkness or at night, and auto off when in daytime or bright area. Sensing range of 3m with a 120 degree sensing angle and stay for 30S,IP65 waterproof, heatproof, suitable for most kinds of weathers. Solid hard plastic construction: This light is waterproof and durable with solid hard plastic construction which can withstand years of usage. Installs Easily In Seconds: You can simply mount on the wall with included screws, no wiring necessary


Notes: Please fully charge the device for a couple of days before its first use. Please install the unit southward. Make sure the polar panel is not blocked by a shade or glass, so that it can receive good sunlight. It may take longer time for the device to be fully charged if there is no good sunlight or in winter. This is common for solar products The light will automatically turn on at night or in darkness when human movement is detected. It will automatically turn off in daytime or bright area. If the light is blink it means that the power is low and device needs to be recharged.


Keep the device from fire and store in dry condition. Do not disassemble the unit.

What is in the box?:

Solar Motion Light Key Pin User Manual 2x Screw