I-Phone & I-Pad Charger-Ipega

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Holding beloved devices upright, the iPega holder provides a non-contact inductive charger meaning there are no fussy wires unlike an undercover mission. Supporting iPhones and iPads, the charger and stand is an ideal way to keep gizmos safe and looking stylish. Features: The product is suitable for iPad and iPhone 4G. It has the function of iPad stand and charging for iPad/iPhone. It adopts non-contact charge proposal, which is designed for iPhone, high-efficient and safe. When you charge for iPhone, you can adopt 3 methods including non-contact charge, battery charge and USB charge. Strong applicability and make the use of it more freely. Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery of induction battery protection sleeve can charge for iPhone as inductive receiving port. Moreover, it can charge for the iPhone directly by protection sleeve, or charge by connecting the protection sleeve to iPhone original adapter / USB port of PC device through the corresponding USB cable. Induction battery protection sleeve can be put on any platform by the carriage, which offers the convenience to view films by iPhone. At the same time, with good anti-shock, anti-fall effect, the sleeve can bring good protection function to the iPhone. Induction charge stand has the function of correcting the charging position. It can make the protection sleeve on the best charging area correctly. Single chip controlling charge, charging features stable, can reach fully saturated state. Low electromagnetism radiation, do no harm to human body. Including 1PC adapter, 1PC Europe version changeable plug and 1PC USB cable. Specifications: Including 1PC adapter, 1PC Europe version changeable plug and 1PC USB cable. Adapter: Input voltage: AC100-240V; Output voltage: DC12V; Input current: 800mA Induction sender: Input voltage: DC12V Protection case: Input voltage: DC5.1V iPad interface: Charging voltage: DC5.1V; Stand-by current: <30mA; Charging current: <500mA; Output power: 2.5W. Model: PG-IP007 Weight: 0.59Kgs Measurement: 20.1*14*20.3CM