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How many times has glue let us down? Fingers stuck together, broken toys that we just can't fix, having to throw out our stuff because gluing it only made it worse. Not to mention just when we need glue most we discover our 3-month-old bottle is as dry as the Sahara Desert on a hot day. Bondic is the only product that works where glue fails. It's liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to. YES it stays liquid and won't dry out like those crazy glues on the market today. Bondic is a very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) to fix almost anything, saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash before their time. Introducing Bondic The World's First Liquid Plastic Welder. You will wonder how you ever lived without it! Bond. Build. Fix. Fill. Use it on plastic, metal, fibreglass, wood. Make sure to follow the Bondic Principles for best results! Remember i's not a glue so do not use it as one! Pen comes with: Applicator, 1 LED UV Light, 1 4 gram tube of liquid plastic. Features: Replace and restore substances (reparation) Setting elements and objects (temporarily or permanently) Control over adhesive strength on difference surfaces Joining objects by integrating undercuts in the construction Filling and sealing Embedding & burning out without leaving residue (mold making) Milling, sanding, polishing, painting Resistant to UV after hardening Characteristics Control over hardening and setting process and time Handling Solvent-free Shelf-life Transparency after hardening Pressure for initiating the polymerization process Follow-up processing Use in bright sunlight Resistance against acids, lyes, oils, lubricants Water resistant Heat resistant