Spin Mop

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If you’re still using your old mop, then tank it and step into pure cleaning bliss. With these range of Spin Mops, you won’t have to manually wring out your mop ever again. This amazing spin mop was made for effortless cleaning with its 360° Microfiber, rotatable, swivel mop head that spins to dry inside the bucket. The set features a bucket, a hand press pole and mop refills, as well as a water outlet spout. So say goodbye to getting your hands dirty and say hello to eat-off-them, super clean floors!


Hands-free mop ringing technology Keeps your hands away from the water Reduces cleaning time Re-useable machine-washable mop head Dual washing & drying system Stainless steel mop handle and Metal basket - Easy to carry handle - Compact doesn’t need a big storage space


1x Mop Handle 1x Mop Head Disk 2x Mop Head User manual(On box)

Blue color available only