Space Rail - Junior Level 2

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Level 2 Product Description Build a marble roller coaster with the SpaceRail, level 2 construction set. Use the included guide to connect rails through a network of twists, turns and loops and then reconnect back to the battery-powered elevator. When built, a steel marble is dropped allowing gravity and the SpaceRail roller coaster set to send the marble on it's journey. When the journey ends, the steel marble is collected at the base of the elevator and lifted back to the top where it's released again for it's next journey down. Adjust the pitch and you control the descent/speed. It's fascinating to watch and loads of fun to build. Features: Rail Length: 55,00mm Steel balls: 2pcs Difficulty: Easy Assembly time: 2-3 hours Recommended for beginnersEnglish instruction manual includedBatteries: Requires 1 X "A" Battery (not included) Age suitability: 15 years+. Product Dimensions: 39.5 X 7 X 3.1cm