Tactical Stun Gun with Built-in LED Flashlight

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Defend yourself against attackers with a disguised self-defense weapon. Now you can feel safe wherever you are with the Police Flashlight Stun Gun. Bright and heavy duty, the flashlight does more than just illuminate your space; the police flashlight features a hidden stun gun that you can use to distract your attacker. When you activate the stun gun, it gives off a loud sound and attention-getting spark. This stun gun penetrates clothing with no residual charge which means it won’t produce shock after use and gives no back-shock to the user. Although this unit is non-lethal due to low amperage, it will quickly take any attacker out of action through high voltage. The Flashlight Stun Gun’s effects include pain, confusion, temporary immobilization or loss of muscle control. Not only does the multi-purpose flashlight immobilize your aggressor, but also helps you alert the people and authorities around you. Best of all, this handy flashlight and stun gun is small and compact, so it’s easy to conceal in your hand.