Romoss Solo1 2000mAh Power Bank

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The Romoss Solo1 2000mAh Power Bank will give you the freedom to charge your devices wherever you are, which is what you need when you’re constantly on the go. The Solo1 Offers a stable, secure and long-lasting power supply, With built-in Fitcharge Technology. Perfectly compatible with a variety of smartphones, tablets, MP3s, MP4s and other mobile devices. What is Fitcharge Technology? Fitcharge Technology can automatically detect the input current demand of different devices and their specific charging needs for improved compatibility.

FEATURES Solo1 2000mAh Power Bank Built in the leading Fitcharge Technology Compatible with a variety of smartphone, MP3s, MP4s and other mobile devices Scratch resistant and strong Emergency LED torch Engineered with multi-protective circuit Acts as a safeguard to give a better protection for your mobile devices It automatically turns off while it is not in use for 60 seconds Four built-in LED indicator lights